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Complete. Comprehensive. Care.

You may be in pain and not living life to your fullest potential. That is why you are seeking help. With all the options for your pain management or injury we are glad you have chosen chiropractic as your decision.

Here at River of Life Chiropractic and Wellness we don’t simply crack your back and send you home or make you dependent. We believe in complete, comprehensive, care.

We believe in holistic full body healing with a gentle, caring approach.

Understanding your pain or condition at its source is our goal as that allows us to aid your body towards full healing.

We incorporate adjustments, soft tissue therapies, nutritional support as well as rehabilitative exercises and stretches.

We desire to not only bring you out of your pain but to give you the tools you need to live life at your very best. Our goal to get you back healthier than ever so you can enjoy an active life.

If you’re looking for a holistic, gentle approach to chiropractic care you’ve come to the right place. At River of Life Chiropractic and Wellness, we offer an integrated, caring approach to pain management that gives your body all the tools it needs to feel better.

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“Dr. Halulko and the staff are amazing. When I went in I was in a lot of pain. Not having been to a Chiropractor before I was a little unsure of what was going to happen. Dr. Halulko explained everything before even going into the adjustment room and made sure I knew what chiropractic was all about. After my first appointment, I had already felt a world of difference and after continuing my treatment for a short period I was back to 100%. Another thing I love about Dr. Halulko is that he gets to know you! I did not feel like just another patient. I felt like I was a friend every appointment. He even remembers my kids names!”


“River of Life (Dr. Caleb Halulko) has done for me more than any other provider over the last 30 years. Super wellness advice, timely service and understanding!”


“I had a hard time getting my body to do anything I wanted it to do and had pain all over. Dr Halulko helped me to understand my body. I have faith in him and what he does to my body. He makes me want to be more active everyday.”


“What I liked most about my experience with Dr. Halulko was his genuine care for my wellbeing. He truly wants to get to the root of the problem so you have to come back as few times as possible. He things about the body as a whole to address the cause of the problem, rather than just trying to alleviate symptoms. I found him to be very sincere as well as knowledgeable. I highly recommend him!”